ADA compliant aluminum modular wheelchair ramp systems for your home or business. Our modular ramps are an excellent ramp for homes of the disabled or to bring your business up to ADA requirements.

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modular wheelchair ramp

This modular, all aluminum wheelchair ramp system is approved both for home access and commercial use. This 36 inch wide ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant ramp system has a load carrying capacity of 100 pounds per square foot. The ramp system consists of standard components that can be assembled quickly and easily with common hand tools.

The modular components make it easy to move the ramp to a new location or change the configuration. Straight ramps, 45 degree turns, 90 degree turns, and 180 degree switchbacks are designed to meet ADA recommendations. Standard handrails consist of two 1-½ inch diameter horizontal rails. Optional ADA extensions and guard rails with vertical slats are available on request. This system is able to accommodate architectural inserts to complement the surroundings. This modular wheelchair ramp system is strong, durable, portable, flexible, and yet is affordable enough to make it the best alternative to provide high quality, functional access to many areas. These are great wheelchair ramps for the home or for a business to bring it up to ADA requirements. Don't risk a lawsuit for your business by not being up to the current federal standards. We can fit a ramp to almost any existing structure or building. Please e-mail or call for your specific requirements, size, and pricing information. Shipping is not included with modular wheelchair ramps. Send us your offer to bid today. We guarantee we sell these systems for the lowest price anywhere!!!

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aluminum wheelchair modular system aluminum modular ramp modular wheelchair ramp system modular wheelchair ramp system 4 foot ramp 60 inch by 60 inch platform Standard handrail end for modular wheelchair ramps Handrails easily clamp onto the ramps Integrated bubble levels for level landings Modular ramp adjustable legs


  • Width: 36 inches
  • Length: As required - 4 foot minimum
  • Load Capacity: 100 pounds per square foot
  • Slope: Adjustable - between 1:12 and 2:12
  • Floor: Slip resistant grooved aluminum
  • Edge Protection: 2 inch curb
  • Handrails: Double 1-1/2" bar - standard
  • Height: 36" - 38"
  • Lifetime warranty (powder coated handrails not included)
  • Made in the USA
  • Configuration Guide (pdf)
  • Instructions (pdf)
  • Site Evaluation Worksheet (pdf)
  • Call for Shipping Prices
Modular XP Ramps - Ramp Sections
Item # Ramp Length
(Includes Handrails)
Weight Price
Mod-XP-Ramp-4.0-HR 4 ft. 56 lbs $363
Mod-XP-Ramp-5.0-HR 5 ft. 66 lbs $550
Mod-XP-Ramp-6.0-HR 6 ft. 76 lbs $618
Mod-XP-Ramp-7.0-HR 7 ft. 86 lbs $685
Mod-XP-Ramp-8.0-HR 8 ft. 96 lbs $673
Mod-XP-Ramp-9.0-HR 9 ft. 122 lbs $887
Mod-XP-Ramp-10.0-HR 10 ft. 132 lbs $954
Mod-XP-Ramp-11.0-HR 11 ft. 142 lbs $1021
Mod-XP-Ramp-12.0-HR 12 ft. 152 lbs $1003
Mod-XP-Ramp-13.0-HR 13 ft. 162 lbs $1223
Mod-XP-Ramp-14.0-HR 14 ft. 172 lbs $1290
Mod-XP-Ramp-15.0-HR 15 ft. 182 lbs $1361
Mod-XP-Ramp-16.0-HR 16 ft. 192 lbs $1346
Mod-XP-Ramp-17.0-HR 17 ft. 218 lbs $1559
Mod-XP-Ramp-18.0-HR 18 ft. 228 lbs $1627
Mod-XP-Ramp-19.0-HR 19 ft. 238 lbs $1694
Mod-XP-Ramp-20.0-HR 20 ft. 248 lbs $1682
Modular XP Ramps - Platform Sections
Item # Platform
(Includes Handrails)
Dimensions Height Weight Price
Mod-XP-Platform-48X48-HR 90 Degree Turn or Straight Through Landing 48" x 48" 5.5" min.
60" max.
72 lbs $565
Mod-XP-Platform-60x60-HR 90 Degree Turn or Straight Through Landing 60" x 60" 5.5" min.
60" max.
113 lbs $818
Mod-XP-Platform-60x96-HR 180 Degree Turning Switchback Landing 60" x 96" 5.5" min.
60" max.
163 lbs $1053
Mod-XP-Platform-45-DegreeAngle-HR 45 Degree Angle
(Custom Platform, Non-Returnable)
36.75" W x 38" L 4" min.
60" max.
30 lbs $389
Modular XP Ramps - Stairs
Item # Stairs
(Includes Handrails)
Width Handrail Weight Price
Mod-XP-Stair-1-Step 1 Step Stair
Rise per step adjustable from 4" - 8"
36" inside
44.5" outside
Top tube: 1.5" dia.
Bottom tube: .75" x 1.5" square tube
15 lbs $116
Mod-XP-Stair-2-Step 2 Step Stair
Rise per step adjustable from 4" - 8"
36" inside
44.5" outside
Top tube: 1.5" dia.
Bottom tube: .75" x 1.5" square tube
51 lbs $231
Mod-XP-Stair-3-Step 3 Step Stair
Rise per step adjustable from 4" - 8"
36" inside
44.5" outside
Top tube: 1.5" dia.
Bottom tube: .75" x 1.5" square tube
64 lbs $296
Mod-XP-Stair-5-Step 5 Step Stair
Rise per step adjustable from 4" - 8"
36" inside
44.5" outside
Top tube: 1.5" dia.
Bottom tube: .75" x 1.5" square tube
93 lbs $465
*Shipping is not included in the above modular ramp pricing

Please check back often, we are constantly adding new wheelchair and scooter ramps, lifts and transport products to our line. Also let us know if there is a product we don't carry that you would like to see here, we sell all our products at the guaranteed lowest prices, if anyone sells it lower, we'll beat it!! If you are in our area, please feel free to visit us at our new location in beautiful West Bend, Wisconsin! Only 25 miles from Milwaukee and 120 miles from Chicago, it will be well worth your drive for these kind of savings on ramps and loading accessories.

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